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MUSTY Scribblings


Well, it's taken a while for various commercial reasons, but here we are, the first of my scribblings for ACPi.


My background is varied and includes preservation, archiving and conservation, (and microfilm, and document management,) so I guess that's why they invited me to write this column for free!


Who am I? Well obviously my name is not really MUSTY, so it is for me to know and you lot to find out.


Normally the column would appear in the magazine but we wanted something interesting to say her and now, whilst the techs beaver away in the background building the ACPi web site.


We will be published too, at least digitally we will be. Our associate publication IDMi Magazine is doing a special on us in December so we will at least be in print then. Normally we will be a bi-monthly, digital-only, controlled-circulation, browser-friendly, periodical. ACPi will cover, (you will not be surprised to read,) Archiving, Conservation, Preservation, and also Restoration. Not THE Restoration in the historical events sense of the word, but Restoration of, well, anything really apparently.


Despite my nickname, Ed and I are alike in that we want to make ACPi an interesting and lively tome, so although in terms of personal appearance we might LOOK old-fashioned, we are really lean, mean*, lithe, lissom, and spirited young-guns underneath. [Are you trying to break some sort of record for the use of hyphenated double-words? Ed.]


* That's our Scottish-ness showing through.


Anyway, enough scribblings from me for now. The Ed(master) wants the PC to do his bit on the right, so Cheerio from me - see you in IDMi in December. :-)



If you feel the overwhelming desire to do so:

You can email MUSTY directly at


The MUSTY 'Recommended Read'

Conservation Treatment Methodology describes a systematic approach to decision-making for conservation treatments of all kinds of cultural property. Illustrated with numerous examples, the book explains how the history of an object and the meaning it holds for its owner or custodian contribute to determining its proper treatment. Conservation Treatment Methodology is an essential tool for conservators, historic preservation specialists, and art historians. Non-technical readers including art collectors and appraisers have described it as useful and an easy read.


Thank you for the introduction MUSTY, I am glad we have made it to this point.

As MUSTY said, it's been a while in the making, but you can look forward to the following:

  • Case Studies
  • Reports
  • Opinion Pieces
  • ACPi In-house Articles
  • Company/Organisation Spotlight
  • Book Reviews
  • White Papers
  • Diary Dates
  • MUSTY (of course)
  • Editors Book of the Month
  • MUSTY Book of the Month
  • 'How To' Articles
  • 'How NOT To' Articles
  • Kit
  • Software
  • Techniques
  • Technology
  • Trending
    (although I HATE the term)

We will appear occasionally in IDMi, our sister publication which covers the IM/DM/DC* world, we have this web site being built behind the scenes as MUSTY said, and in addition you can get our publications via:

  • Controlled Circulation (watch for an application form soon)
  • Subscription (we will NOT be expensive)
  • Your status as an Industry VIP (although we get to decide if you qualify)

* Ask if you don't know what this is.

That's it for now. Call our  advertisers - they deserve it. (Oh wait - we haven't got any sponsors yet.) Dash! See you soon.


The EDitor can be contacted directly at

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